To Do or Not To Do.

So I’m sittin’ here. Knowing full well I should probably be memorizing my lines for tomorrow. They aren’t very extensive, a couple pages…but then there’s my handsome boyfriend, drinks in tow, siting across from me. To do, or not to do…Do I memorize lines or do I enjoy a couple cocktails with the love. Decisions, decisions!

How about both?

Life’s short. Enjoy what you can! Sometimes it’s healthy to give into your vices. It’s all about balance.

Cheers to you all out there. To those who are struggling on the other side of the world. To those of you on my side of the world who are on night shoots right now or memorizing lines for that BIG (or small) audition tomorrow. I am sending you my thoughts. BREAK A LEG!

Keep dreaming, keep believing. I think I’ll write a blog on memorization tomorrow. It’s something I have a knack for 😉

Thank you to all the people who liked my posts and followed my blog today.



Life is good.

The Aspiring Actress.

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