Welcome to the [aspiring] Actress Chronicles.

Hello, hello.

Some of my posts might tend to be long, but what’re you complaining about! You’re an actor, aren’t you? You’re used to reading lots of material. And I promise you, it’ll (mostly, usually) be worth it. But if you’re reaaaaally in a hurry, just skip right to the end where I tend to sum it all up.

**Word of Advice: if you’re reading this from a tablet or smart phone, scroll to the bottom and click ‘View Full Site’. It’s really much prettier that way ;)**

Welcome to my story, my journal, my diary, my chronicles, my scrapbook- whatever you’d like to call it. I do not live in Los Angeles, I do not have connections in “the biz” and I do not know what the hell I’m doing in the slightest. I’m just kind of taking this as it comes, learning as I go. This blog will follow me from these early days all the way to who knows what and God knows where. I’m not promising fame, I’m not promising status or a cool inside look into the life of an A-list (or B or C or D…) actor. This is simply and humbly my journey of becoming at the very least- and hopefully- a steady, working actor in this vastly competitive, fickle and charming industry of movie making. Where will this journey eventually lead me? Who knows! But that’s all part of the fun of it, isn’t it?

[[ In this, I hope to share with you inspiring photos, quotes, my experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly), an inside look into the neurotic ramblings of an aspiring actor (because God knows you’d have to be mad to pursue this as a career) and in this I hope that you find some solace, company, laughter, insight, whatever else you may be in need of at this moment and perhaps an anonymous friend in me. ]]

And that’s if anyone even reads this thing!

I do hope you continue to read this blog, leave feedback, ask me questions and accompany me on the highs and lows..the sweat, tears and laughter on this craaaaazy adventure I’d like to call..my life. And while I did start this blog to chronicle my acting career, I hope that even if you aren’t an actor, you’ll be able to relate and find inspiration and amusement in the various posts to come.

Read the rest of my introduction here and click next from there, or check out my archives.

Love & Light,

The Aspiring Actress.

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